Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Building Up

I was looking for it for some time now: A nice corner of a sim instead of the side plot I used to have. Of course the corners of each sim are taken well before a side plot so it takes a little to find a good one. The isle I was on had all corner plots taken so it had to become a new Isle.
Some days ago I finally found what I wanted. Enough ground for me to build up a nice home, the same home I had with my ex some year ago. I always loved that place but at that time she wanted something new so I followed. It's good to be able to build it up once more... this time for me! There's nobody now who places things at illogical spots, wanting to have a rain system or a huge dragon on a tropical isle. Nope... I can do it now as I want. As a result it looks better (in my eyes at least) than it did before.
I'm not yet sure what purpose I will give the place. Be it only a place for myself to enjoy and build things. Or I might place some nice items to trap the not so innocent. That I don't like to be trapped by them does after all not mean that others wouldn’t like it. I have really no clue yet. All I know is that I build up some first and then see what I want to add to it.
Other than this, I’m not doing a whole lot in SL at this time. Way more fun at the moment, I have with playing Rift. I can play it my way now, staying far from PvP that gives absolutely no satisfaction to me. I have 4 characters there. All 4 are closing in on the max level possible. I get lots of help from the guild I'm in, taking me for dungeon runs at a pace I can hardly keep up with but which are a lot of fun. I'm learning more in days about that game than I did in 4 months playing together with my ex.
So basically I'm still doing the same things as before, but with more fun, less online time and not taking myself or my environment serious at all.
Next time more where I will describe a typical evening these days.

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