Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Strange Mindset?

In my last post I was kinda surprised about myself for enjoying something I hardly ever enjoyed in the past: The company of a man, and then something more than only that company.

Well, nothing wrong with it. That I did not do this before does not mean I can't do it now. Thing is... things have evolved since then and right now I feel really strange because I go further than I ever would have thought possible for me.

The charming sweet guy is a bit more than just charming and sweet. He really enjoys seeing a steel band around my neck, waist, wrists or... Well, he likes to see me in chains and backs that up with the kind of Dominance I truly enjoy to feel over me.
But... you never submitted to a man before?
smiles helplessly. Nope I haven't. Like I said in my previous post: "There's a first for everything"
I can try to explain why I feel like this. It will be kind of blurry though and I'm not even sure if it is the real reason but here it comes anyway:

That I don't take myself so seriously anymore (like mentioned before) might be the reason why I am able to this time. It's not as if I was looking for it but, it happened. I like to submit to the right person and someone presented himself as an unlikely but for sure right person on that aspect. That it clicked so fast is easy enough. He's open, charming and he knows when not to push my buttons even if I can assure you that he pushes and pulls and... Well.. he does a whole lot more that requires me to submit to him.
Does it feel strange to me then?
You bet!
Uncomfortable too?
Not at all!
I simply enjoy a whole new thing here that I never experienced before. There is definitely a huge difference between a man dominating me or a woman. Well... this man at least. Everything is a lot more sexually oriented than what I am used to. I feel highly excited by it to be seen as a lust object somehow and am probably 10 times naughtier than I used to be. Somehow it makes me feel very feminine and it's a feeling I truly enjoy.

I have no idea where this might end but... I have fun on the journey and don't think ahead too far. I just live in the present and enjoy it.


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