Friday, June 22, 2012

There's a First...

... for Everything!

I've been wandering SL a bit, now and then showing up at places I have not been to in a long time, other days going to totally new places. Sometimes at places you hardly expect it, you come in contact with the nicest people. Those places are often not the nicest places you can imagine... They're directed towards sex, often the dirtiest kind.

And I'm going there?
Yup *grins*

That I go there does not necessarily mean I will engage in what's going on there after all. As a matter of fact. 90% of the time I zoom out so far that there's nothing on my screen anymore except the IM windows and I watch some TV irl or am busy with something else entirely on my PC.

Then why I am there?

Well, it's a mix of things: The place I go to is always busy and as such I get a lot of IMs. The most are not very original like: "Hi sexy". That all in the hope I will come with something myself to make it easier for them (as if!). Another one: "You are beautiful". Well, we all are in SL so my reply is often: "Thank you, I know". Oopf what a bitch, and totally not modest at all! Indeed! Those nothing saying comments I often end with a snarky reply. I'm sure it does not make me the nicest girl in town. Too bad then... I'm not there for a popularity contest. I am online for my fun and if someone thinks s/he should contact me with something unoriginal, they get a remark back that is at least fun for me.

Is the only reason then for me to have fun at other's cost?

No, certainly not! Even if those kinda remarks are what I get 90% of the time. I also get original remarks, often in a try to get me out of my clothes of course but at least original. I will never fail to have a nice conversation with someone I consider to be original, nice or at least trying to hold a good conversation. It is not what they come there for perhaps, but it is what I am there for. I could go to a busy place somewhere else and never get near the interaction I have at places like this. And often with people that turn out to be a lot less sex oriented than you might think.

Now, like I said: there's a first for everything so here it comes. After talking with a real nice guy for a while, he invited me for a dance. He's really a charmer and I had a very good time... Good enough to go with him later to his home and... Well, none of your business but I'm sure you get the idea.

I always claimed to be at least "bi"... I'm sure though that none of my friends ever saw me with a man before. And yes, I always geared towards women. But that does not mean I am not able to enjoy a guy too. It just takes someone that is able to seduce me. Most men on SL are not able to do that to say the best. This one is a very positive exception and therefore was able to get more out of me than any other man before so far. I hope he gets still more from me ;)

So... all of a sudden an unexpected turn perhaps. Then again, I don't take myself too seriously so why not? I have fun and simply do whatever I feel like. I'm sure I will see where it ends.


P.S. I totally love the picture I found for this one... I can sooo relate with the surprised look of the right one!

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