Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Good Ending

Like I wrote in my previous post: The one I called Master and I are no longer. For some weeks now already. It's not that I didn't have fun. I really did! There are sometimes things I can not accept though. One of those is if someone lies or at least twists the truth enough to get things done their way.

After I was just with him for a day or two, he brought in a new girl. I thought at that moment: "hmmmm he seems to enjoy a harem" as I was already his second girl. He did not tell me before that he wouldn't call in others and at that moment it was not a big deal to me. But... of course I asked him for it and he said that this was the absolute limit for the family: He and three girls.

OK... So the family is going to be four? Well perfect! I specifically liked (still like) that last girl and of all that could happen to me, she is the best.

But... then why, a few days later does he introduce a girl to us as our new sister? This is what I mentioned in my previous post that I was not happy about. It means He says one thing but does the other. I decided to confront him with it but my mind was set already by that time.

I wasn't that deeply involved and I didn't feel like getting in a whole lot of drama by staying till I would be. Instead I simply pushed him aside. My sister that I love so much already did the same. It's kinda funny that he pulls in one but loses two.

I had a lot of fun with him for the time being and I used him as much for my pleasure as the other way around. I just couldn't trust him and I told him so. I kinda expected to keep him as a friend but I guess that was asked too much as he simply removed my sister and I from his friend list. I guess some kind of men can't deal too well with assertive women.

In my time there, I ended up with a real friend though. A sister I totally love (damnit, she's not into women like I am. She's a real hottie). Anyway, my sister and I talk with each other a lot, even if she is searching for a Master, while I am taken again already by two women who...

No, I will leave that for a next entry. It deserves to be in a separate post as those two give me feelings that I have not felt in a long long time.

To be continued.


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