Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Adjusting to Rules

The last couple of weeks have been a bliss for me. I have two Mistresses that I have to keep happy. I'm welcomed with open arms by them but both are totally different from each other...

Difference is nice but it also bring in it's own problems, problems that we have to deal with.  I can talk about them with both my owners openly. I am encouraged to speak out my mind, even if it is sometimes in a bit different way than I have experienced so far. One of those things I talked with each personally about is the difference in certain things between them. Those differences are never a problem when I am with one of them alone. I simply do things how she wants me to do them and everything is fine. I find it more difficult to do that when they are together though. Especially when I do them different for each...

I already mentioned them to be very different from each other. It's almost a miracle they love each other so much. Then again, I love them both so they probably see the same qualities in each other as I see in them.

One is very relaxed in how we do things. Sure... She expects me to obey her and she corrects me when I don't but the way we do things is not so important to her. If she wants to hold me in her arms for instance, she tells me to come with her, rezzes a pair of balls and steps on one. I simply step on the other and everything is OK.

 The other is much more into decorum. Meaning she likes me to perform certain rituals in how to greet her for instance. I also often have to ask her things before she will allow me to. If it is she that wants to hold me in her arms then she also tells me to come with her, she also rezzes a pair of balls and steps on one. But there ti similarities stop. I simply assumed she wanted to have me on the other ball so, I'm not the slow one usually and I jumped on the other.

Within a minute I was instead kneeling, leashed in an uncomfortable position, bended over in unbalance by a leash to my collar and only held up by my arms on my back. I was asked friendly if she had given me permission to sit with her. Well, of course she didn't so it's obvious I assumed too much with her.

It's very exciting to be trained like that and never a problem for me. But... how should I behave when they both want me to cuddle up with them? Three balls are rezzed, they both have first choice of course so I wait till there's one left and... Do I have to ask permission now or should I jump on the last one?

Of course it's always safer to ask. There are moments though that I have a feeling that I shouldn't because what one might enjoy, might be boring to the other. it's sometimes a thin line I walk on when I try to keep both satisfied. I adjust to it slowly and learn how to read them both. But... I talked with them both too and asked them to agree on certain rules for me that I can follow when I am with one alone or with both. They too have to adjust. It's a lovely process though. We all trust each other and speak openly and without holding ourselves back. I can't help thinking that I'm extremely lucky to have been pulled into this relationship as their pet.

I love You both MsKristi and MsChris.


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