Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun is Everywhere

Some conversation I had yesterday that is too good for me to get lost somehow. I was sitting on Master's lap on a beach.

Yes.. for the time being I call the guy "Master"... My guts tells me that it will probably not stay that way though because there are things I don't like and I will not keep my mouth shut on them So I might quickly be released. Nothing sure but it's a feeling. Anyway, for now it's still fine so...
(This should have been posted almost 3 weeks ago.. in the meantime what I thought would happen happened long ago. No longer do I have him as my Master... but I will post this anyway because I think it's funny to frustrate idiots *grin*)

I was sitting topless on Master's lap and very clearly involved with him. The really die hard idiots don't mind that at all though. Soon someone messaged me. I will post the whole log (with bad typing and all) because it was SO fun to me. Of course, to prevent possible problems for the poor idiot on the other side of the Internet, I did hide his name and any personal things that could link him to the log. The log will now and then be interrupted by some comments on what I was thinking while replying to him

Here we go:

[01:36:29] Anonymous: mmmm you are sexy
[01:36:37] Anonymous: i llove the rings on your nipples

Well, I'm showing my assets so I can not complain about someone noticing it and complimenting so:
[01:37:10] Kylara Kuhn smiles
[01:37:12] Kylara Kuhn: thank you

[01:37:38] Anonymous: )))
[01:37:42] Anonymous: i love to pull them
[01:37:49] Anonymous: while iam kisssing your tites

Hey... He sees me sitting on someone else's lap. Let's be clear to him from the start:
[01:38:22] Kylara Kuhn: yes... my Master likes to do that too
[01:38:49] Anonymous: nice
[01:38:54] Anonymous: you must pull them in rl now
[01:39:03] Anonymous: to get hard
is he giving me orders now?
[01:39:26] Kylara Kuhn: naahh... no need to.. they are hard
[01:39:36] Anonymous: mmm nice
[01:39:48] Anonymous: how about your clit?
[01:39:52] Anonymous: is it hard in rl
??? What is he thinking?
[01:40:06] Kylara Kuhn: I hardly think that is any of your business :)
[01:40:36] Anonymous: mm u are cute
[01:40:38] Anonymous: u are righte
[01:40:43] Anonymous: still not even when i add you?
[01:40:47] Anonymous: let me add you one sec
[01:40:52] Second Life: Anonymous user is offering friendship.

Would you be my friend?
(By default, you will be able to see each other's online status.)
[01:41:05] Kylara Kuhn: not even then... I am owned and only one person touches me
[01:41:20] Anonymous: sl can cchange , lots
[01:41:27] Anonymous: i will not tocuh you now
[01:41:29] Anonymous: dont worry
Don't worry! I'm NOT worried
[01:41:32] Anonymous: where are you from
OK... Innocent question, no problem for me to answer it
[01:41:39] Kylara Kuhn: the Netherlands
[01:41:46] Anonymous: nice
[01:41:49] Anonymous: how old are you
[01:42:06] Kylara Kuhn: old enough to be allowed in the dirtiest places here :)
[01:42:25] Anonymous: mmm nice
[01:42:28] Anonymous: )))
[01:42:33] Anonymous: i am from <anonymous country>
[01:42:34] Anonymous: <anonymous age>
[01:45:55] Second Life: Anonymous user is offering friendship.

Would you be my friend?
(By default, you will be able to see each other's online status.)

[01:47:27] Anonymous: i send u add
[01:47:29] Anonymous: you got it?
Is the first sign of frustration surfacing here?
[01:47:37] Kylara Kuhn: yup, i got it
[01:49:00] Anonymous: waht you wear now in rl
Let's give him not the most elegant picture:
[01:50:20] Kylara Kuhn: some wide jeans and a sweater
[01:50:39] Anonymous: are you wear under wear?
No, I'm always naked under jeans
[01:51:11] Kylara Kuhn: of course I am
[01:51:19] Anonymous: what is the color
[01:51:35] Kylara Kuhn: I have no idea... I assume white as I have most in white
[01:51:51] Anonymous: chek it now baby
Let's face it... Subtleness is wasted on him
[01:52:26] Kylara Kuhn blinks... why would I do that?
[01:52:48] Anonymous: to i know
[01:53:01] Kylara Kuhn: i don't think it's important for you to know
[01:53:14] Anonymous: not imortant
[01:53:18] Anonymous: but i like to know
[01:53:22] Anonymous: chek it baby
[01:53:32] Kylara Kuhn: yes, I'm sure you like to know... but I don't like to tell
[01:53:54] Anonymous: chek it now
Yup, he's trying to give me orders indeed!
[01:54:11] Kylara Kuhn: nope
[01:54:19] Anonymous: ok then
[01:54:21] Anonymous: tp me in rl
[01:54:29] Anonymous: so i chek it by myself
[01:54:48] Kylara Kuhn: only one person can check that by himself and that is...
[01:55:07] Anonymous: lol
[01:55:13] Anonymous: kissss
[01:55:15] Anonymous: u are cute
By now I would not have thought myself to be cute anymore but who am I to disagree?
[01:55:21] Kylara Kuhn: I know
[01:56:00] Anonymous: ur nipples still hard?
I wonder if I am able to leave him hanging a bit longer still?
[01:56:13] Kylara Kuhn: nope... they settled by now
[01:57:33] Anonymous: ohh
[01:57:35] Anonymous: i must
[01:57:40] Anonymous: start lick them for you
[01:57:45] Anonymous: putting my hand between your legs
[01:57:50] Anonymous: inisde your panties
[01:57:54] Anonymous: rubbing your clit
Yessss, I did it. Soft nipples are SO bad in his eyes.
[01:57:58] Kylara Kuhn: only one person will do that... you know the drill by now
[01:58:22] Anonymous: u left the beach?
[01:58:26] Anonymous: i will tp you to my land
[01:58:27] Anonymous: ok
Don't think so!
[2012/07/01 01:58:39] Kylara Kuhn: why would you tp me to your place?
[2012/07/01 01:59:57] Second Life: Anonymous user has offered to teleport you to their location:

Join me in <Anonymous location>

[02:00:02] Anonymous: come baby
[02:00:12] Kylara Kuhn: nope... I'm at home and like it here
[02:00:23] Anonymous: come
[02:00:26] Anonymous: to show you my home
[02:01:00] Kylara Kuhn: I'm not interested in seeing your home
Now I know it's almost over. Not even an idiot can ignore this
[02:01:32] Anonymous: u will come or not
[02:01:37] Anonymous: then u will lose me
[02:01:39] Anonymous: if u not come
[02:01:49] Anonymous: and i dont liek to lose you
What an arrogance. He still assumes way too much!
[02:02:00] Kylara Kuhn: I don't lose you... I never had you and you never had me either
[02:02:16] Anonymous: but if you come i can had you
[02:02:23] Anonymous: u will come or not?
[02:02:29] Kylara Kuhn: no of course I will not come!

Guess what? I didn't even get a nice reply anymore. He JUST left. And that after all the nice answers I gave him! Seriously though... I could have a conversation likewise to this one on a daily base if I so desired. Once in a while I simply like to fish for it and be deliciously evil when an idiot comes along.

Next time more about a break up and another start...


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