Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Taken Again..?..!


One of the nice things of having more than one avatar is that you easily slide into someone else's skin. I don't see it as a problem as I immediately tell the ones who matter that I do have more than one. Agreements can then be made how to deal with them. People saying you should only have one avatar do not have a clue why or what I do with them so it's simply not their business. I don't complain about them only having one avi either. I have my reasons for it and enjoy having them. If someone doesn't like it s/he can always looks for someone claiming to have only one avatar instead. I think me being honest about it (at least to people that matter to me) should show that I do not plan on using an avi to do things behind their back.

OK... So why is it nice to have more than one avi (in this case)? Well... my previous adventure with Kyla and her master was over. At that moment I somehow don't feel like playing with Kyla for a while. I am able to live myself in in the role of a certain avi and take on a whole different personality when I use one. It's still me of course... but I am easier able to switch between certain aspects of my character with another avi. Kyla was never one that was overly submissive. Somehow it doesn't suit her. Caren on the other hand...

Caren was always the most submissive. Only a few days after Kyla left her Master, Caren was talking with a nice woman in a place I once in a while visit. It's a place that recently changed to a whole new build but the crowd is still the same: Quiet, talking in IM instead of open channel and from the outside it looks totally boring (BTW... I much preferred the old place).

Anyway, even though I was not looking for someone to get involved with, the woman I talked with was really nice to me and presented herself as the kind of Dominant I totally enjoy: Not taking herself overly serious. Still dominant enough so you really want to be at her feet and dominating in a gentle way that asks more than that it demands. I am sub enough to pick up on what is asked and love to be pleasing a Domme more when something is asked than when it is demanded.

We talked for a few days and quickly came to the conclusion that  there was reason to want more of each other. She already has a partner though and the last thing I want is to get somewhere in the middle of two people having different wishes. So that needed some talking to straigthen things out with her partner. She is also a dominant and the proposition was for me to become their personal pet. Wheeeeee... two to please instead of only one. I got through some tests that I totally enjoyed so far, test that did not get a positive reaction from most subs (and I can understand why if you're not truly a sub).

I'm still some weeks behind with my diary so will quickly add other entries. For one entry, this has been enough though. Next time I will go deeper into the feelings I have and the tests /assignments I get. Some of these feelings force me to take me a bit more serious again.

To be continued, as usual!


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