Monday, July 30, 2012

Tested by Assignments

Like I said in the last post: I will go deeper into some assignments I got. It's something that surprised me in a very positive way as it is something I have not seen before and gives the feeling of actually doing something useful for my Mistresses.
I have my home now at the land of my owners. It's a nice place with lots and lots of RLV devices. Luckily devices that do not grab me automatically or I would not feel at home there at all. My first assignment was to make a description of each of the rooms or areas that could be used as a guide to visit the place. It should be done in a way that looks logical to me and no more than a few lines.

Well, easy enough you could say. It can be done with a few words even instead of a few lines? Sure.. some areas I could describe as: "Latex Room" or "First Floor", "Garden"... etc. So then it should be even easier when you can use a few lines for each area you recognise that way? Well no... Then it suddenly becomes a lot harder because each room has enough in it for a way longer description. So it's now a question to catch the spirit of the area without going too deep into every detail but still tell enough to make it interesting. Or with other words: "The art of letting things out".

So, I finally was put to work by a Dominant. Not a silly job only to keep me busy but actually a real and useful assignment. I had to try out every single device available to see how it worked (and then use a safeword to get off of it again). That way I got to know the place very good and I am now able to give someone a tour and tell something about each area I am in. I wrote about the interesting things of each of those areas and can use that as a guide for me when I have to show someone around there.

I was worried that while I was working on it, that from the outside it perhaps looked as if I took long for it to finish. It was really a big assignment though that did cost me a lot of free evenings to try and write about. At least.. write about it in a way that was satisfying to me: To the best of my abilities. So I just promised MsChris (she is the one who gave me the assignment), that I would do it as fast as possible. But I also asked her to be patient if she wanted it to be a job well done.

So I worked my butt off to do it as well as possible, simply because I liked to please her. I made it into a description of the place that could have been taken out of an advertisement folder describing some sort of resort perhaps. It was a sort of logical way on how to walk through the place and what you would encounter if you did. It is written from the view of a Domme on her vacation *grins*.

Silly me! I thought I was only doing a job that Mistress liked to have done. Never did it occur to me that it was also a test in how I actually did that job.

When I gave the result to Mistress, she was pleasantly surprised, as she said she knew she would. It was admitted to me that it was not only something useful (even if it is)... No, it was also a test that she had asked of more girls in the past. It seems that they were not overly enthusiastic of actually having to work for their Mistress. So in hindsight I did everything right as I became more and more enthusiastic about the assignment while I was busy with it.

By now I have had some more assignments that were at least as much work and were great fun for me too.

Without doubt soon to be followed up with my next entry.


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