Monday, October 1, 2012

And Onwards...

I'm never the person to stay down on my back for long. Nice thing when you're flat on your back is that you can only go one way and that's upwards. I never thought someone would help me with that though. As such I (we) pushed me back to my feet a lot faster than expected.

Over the time with Ms Kristi, I got to know a lot of her friends. They are mostly subs, more or less like me. But there are a few that presented themselves as Dominant. Ms Anna, I already mentioned her name in my previous post, was one of them. An open, warm woman who is easy to talk with and more than kinky and dominant enough to make a sub drool.

Ms Anna and I somehow clicked when we met. I was Ms Kristi's girl but I was often in IM with Ms Anna too, lightly flirting with her. Never behind Ms Kristi's back but yes, we liked talking together and it was clear that if I would not have been taken already, we both would probably want more from each other.

OK... so there came a moment I was no longer Ms Kristi's. A close friendship with Ms Anna resulted in a shoulder on which I could cry and lean. Of course all the light flirting we did in the months before could now suddenly go a lot further than that.

I didn't feel guilty at all about moving on and pursuing a new dream. Something happens and the whole world more or less expects you to behave in a certain way. But... my "talent" is not exactly directed to do what other people expect me to when I have freedom to choose for myself. In this case I was pushed aside by Ms Kristi. It was done in the gentlest of way possible I'm sure but that doesn't take away from the fact that it was not my decision! So someone made a decision to push me aside. I don't see a reason to mourn when I have someone in sight already.

When I read back through the last year of posting in my blog, I realise that people who can't truly understand how I feel must see me as a huge slut *smiles*. That thought crossed my mind about myself too. I quickly ignored it though as almost all cases things ended beyond my power and will. Somehow I got a lot of new chances in a short time. Yes, in a shorter time than in the past. Perhaps I was more picky in the past? I have NO idea and I don't care either. I know better than to pass on a chance. Seize the day for you only live once!

So there was MsAnna ripe for the plucking *giggles*. I'm sure I will hear this from her when she reads this! I'm also sure she knows how it's meant though. Besides... who of us was ready for "the plucking" anyway? I can answer that easily enough...

I was slowly introduced into Mistress Anna's family over the last few weeks. Slowly they had to learn that there was a new girl in town... and ready to stay if given the chance. Yes, I say Mistress Anna now. As per last Friday, september 28 2012, I am no longer free. A collar is nicely locked around my neck again and it feels delicious, free! To all those readers not able to understand that: :) :) :)

See you soon again!


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