Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Drifts & The Punishment 1/2

Sometimes Mistress and I talk about certain fantasies, often happening just before falling asleep or just waking up when your mind is receptive to random images. I often have those, often erotic, often none of you reader's business. In any case. I decided to write down a few of those drifts. Once in a while I will pick one and go deeper into that. I will make a story of it in which I write it entirely from MY point of view. It might be a happy scene. Or like in this case something else entirely. Mind you... It's entirely fiction except for the reactions I give. I think on those for a long time before I decide how I think I would react in the situation I bring myself in. I hope you like it. If not then I had at least fun writing about it.

The first drift I worked out is something I had in mind already a longer time and it is about a girl being disciplined for a mistake. Since I consider it too long for a regular entry, I will split it in two parts perhaps also to enhance the tension and you can look on for the next part. So here's part 1:


The Punishment 1/2

"Walk to that wall over there"! Mistress points to the far wall in the living room. In the plantation house we live in, it's quite far. I know why Mistress wants me to take that long walk. I need time to think about what I did. With each and every step I will make and feel Her eyes burning on my back, I will think about it and feel more and more uncomfortable.

I messed up Mistress's favourite outfit. Ironing is an easy job... IF you don't forget to lift the iron from whatever you were doing when you get a phone call. I punished myself well before Mistress could, but I know of course I am not ready with that alone.

"Yes Mistress", I answer meekly as I take a small step back and turn on my heels. Mistress likes me to take small steps while showing off my curves. All the way to that wall, wiggling your butt and thinking about how you messed up is for sure teaching you something. Arriving at the wall I keep standing a moment, lightly touching it to show I actually was there all the way. Should I turn around? Must I stay in position? Unsure I keep standing there and hope for Mistress to break the silence.

Finally after what seems like minutes, but was probably no more than a few seconds, I hear Mistress's voice: "And back to me Kyla"! I turn around and start to walk back to Her, my eyes down as to avoid looking into Her eyes. "Stop! Eyes on me Kyla"! I wished She would stop calling me by my name. Normally She would call me "girl", "love", "pet" or something similar. Not this time... I know I am in for something. I look into Her eyes from a distance and then slowly move on. With each step closer to Her, I can see more and more the disappointment in Her eyes. It desperately makes me want to look another way but... that's not a serious option for me of course.

After arriving I keep standing with my eyes fixed on Hers, trying to stare through them as not to see the smouldering glare that strips me of my confidence. I wonder why Mistress is not saying anything and instead only keeps looking at me in a way that makes me want to sink through the floor. Soon I know! Mistress starts tapping her right foot. Geeze! Just what I needed: I forgot to kneel at Her feet in my nervousness. My knees grow weaker in an instant and I drop down to them: "I'm s-sorry Mistress. I forgot to... I-I mean: I should know...".


With a single word, softly, but very clearly spoken, Mistress stops my stammered rambling. She waits a few seconds again to see if I have anything to add to that and then continues: "Yes Kyla, you forgot! Just like you seem to forget a lot today! Up to your feet now and strip"! I keep looking into Her eyes while not being allowed to say a word in return to Her scolding words. Slowly and as sensual as I am able to do given how uncomfortable I feel, I start to strip. First my maid dress. I reach behind my back to be able to open the laces holding it closed, then slide it over my shoulders and lower it all the way down my legs. Next is my black sheer thong. Carefully I lift it over the cute black and white ribbons on my garter belt and slide it down just like before, my naked butt high up in the air as I keep my legs as straight as possible before elegantly stepping out of them.

"Enough Kyla, keep standing"!

So here I am: High heels, black stockings held up by my garters, my breasts free as I'm not allowed to wear a bra under my uniform. Normally there's no problem for me to be naked. It happens often enough since Mistress likes to see what she owns. This is different though. I feel more naked than ever before and I'm hardly able to think when my thoughts fly all over the place. There's only one thought that keeps surfacing: "Stupid girl"!

Mistress raises her arm and points to the wall once more: "Again"!

Knowing better than to say a word now, I obey promptly and take three steps backwards before turning. With slow, deliberate steps, my hips swaying, I make my way over. I know now I am expected to come back so after lightly touching the wall, I turn and look into Mistress's eyes when I make my way back. My breasts bounce just a little with each careful sway my hips make. This time, upon my arrival I don't hesitate a second. Quickly I slide to my knees, feeling it better to keep them closed in my kneeling position than to show myself to be wide open while I am disciplined.

Again I'm being examined and then my eyes lighten up when for the first time after arriving home, Mistress says something positive about me. Even if it is in a sarcastic way: "Well then, so you are able to listen and do as you are told". Of course this is a rhetorical question and I'm not expected to answer that, I know better! I feel like I might have had the worst now if I am careful in how I answer and behave.

I prove myself wrong when Mistress orders: "Stand up Kyla and present your breasts to me. Hold them up as I'm sure you have done a hundred times before". A soft whimper escapes my mouth as I feel my breasts will soon wear the marks as Mistress punishes me for what I did. Once more I prove myself to be wrong and not being able to predict what Mistress has on Her mind when She disciplines.

Mistress grabs a waterproof black marker that I didn't notice before from the table next to her, opens it and writes on both my breasts:



Enough for one entry. Tomorrow the next part. For now I will let you wondering what will happen with poor lil Kyla ;)


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