Monday, October 8, 2012

The Punishment 2/2

A continuation of the previous post:



There! Marked by Mistress for a while as that will for sure not come off easily the next few days. It's a turn on to be marked by Her like this. It's stupid, I know but it answers to a deep feeling of belonging to Her. BUT... Why would Mistress reward me with a feeling like this? Soon I know as the next part of Mistress' carefully directed scene unfolds:

She closes the marker and nonchalantly tosses it aside. I keep standing there a bit longer till I hear: "You can let go of your breasts now slut"! Again something that is a turn on for me: Mistress calling me names can be a big turn on in the right scene. This is not the right scene though and somehow deep in my mind I start to believe that this is not over yet.

Yay, I'm right! How good of me to finally be able to predict something, even if not in the way I imagined. I get a red waterproof marker pushed in my right hand and hear Mistress's sharp voice: "Open it"! With a nervous and concerned expression my face I obey and open the marker. "Good! now put a cross through what I just wrote there. Both your breasts"!

In an instant I feel myself panicking and refusing: "NO Mistress! Please no, don't let me do that"? Mistress just looks at me with a cold, almost empty expression on Her face. It feels to me as if it will be only seconds before I will start to cry and break. Is Mistress releasing me? Sending me away for that? Sure, I messed up but do I deserve to be released for that? Then with trembling hands I obey and draw a red "X" through both writings. With a held back sob and wide open eyes I hand the marker back to Mistress. More than this I will not be able to handle! Insecure, brought to my breaking point I await my faith.

With a sigh and if I'm not mistaken with a slightly trembling voice, Mistress orders: "Now go up to your room, kneel down on the floor and wait till I either call you or you think you should come by yourself. You will think about what you did and what it means that I just let you do". I feel so small, so helpless and miserable. With a whimper I hear myself reply in a begging tone: "Yes Mistress".

This time when I walk away it's less elegant than before. My shoulders show my held back sobs when I slowly, almost painfully walk up the stairs to my small but very classy bedroom. Kneeling down with my face to the door, my ordeal starts. Time to think about what I have done. And also what will it mean that Mistress let me strike through Her name?

Soon, my logic is able to take over my brain again and my panic ends: No, I don't believe I will be released for this. Sure, I messed up big time, but Mistress is not so cruel that She will put me through this if She didn't want to teach me something. If She is teaching me something then She can not possibly want to release me after that! Besides that... I trust Her! Yes, I panicked before! In the heat of the scene and under Mistress's pressure on me, I was not able to think clearly.

What I did is clear to me of course. So what did Mistress mean by letting me cross out Her name? Hmmmm, it can only be that she means it symbolically for what I have done with Her beautiful outfit. I slapped Her in the face by ruining something She trusted to my care. Mistress is hurt because She can not trust me with something important like this right now. But I'm very sure that Mistress will give me a new chance when I work hard enough for it.

A few moments I think this over and then stand up resolutely. I can wait like a coward till I'm called. I can think this over for another 15 minutes torturing myself with insecurities. I'm sure though, that I'm right and know that in the end I will come back to this same conclusion.

I walk down the stairs into the living room where Mistress sits in a lounger and watches me with a stern look in Her eyes. I feel nervous again, but it doesn't show anymore in the way I walk. Perhaps it's only my imagination but it almost seems as if I can see a glimpse of understanding in Mistress' eyes. She knows I'm not the type to beat around the bush and She knows all too well that I'm ready now to accept whatever comes my way. Quickly I kneel at Her feet and spread my legs for Her. Daring, provokingly in some way but also submissive and showing Mistress what She owns. I look up into Her eyes without saying a word. It's up to Her to initiate the next stage.

"Well my girl, I see you have come to a conclusion"?

My eyes light up: "my girl" instead of "Kyla"! A moment my emotions prevent me to speak but I know Mistress will not expect me to be perfect after being chastised like I was. Then I reply, still nervous and without being able to prevent a slight tremble to shine through: "Yes Mistress, I have".

"Good! And would you be so nice then to share it with me"?
"Yes Mistress! You are not mad at me anymore for ruining Your dress, even if it was Your favourite one. It can be replaced"! Quickly I continue as this is for sure not the only thing I should say: "Instead I think You are disappointed about it Mistress. You wonder if You will be able to allow me to do this again in the future". A moment I have to swallow before being able to go on with the next part: "For just a few seconds I considered if You would release me for this. I don't believe that for a minute anymore though! Crossing out Your name symbolises just how much I let You down".

It's hard to stop talking here. I wished I would have stayed in my room a bit longer to better think about my answer, to make it clearer what I mean. I think about what I just said though and come to the conclusion that this said it all. It shows my trust and regret for what I have done, so instead I wait.

Mistress looks at me with a light smile on Her lips and then replies: "However short this was girl, it is accurately enough". I close my eyes a moment in relieve that I finally did something right after all today. "Perfect! keep your eyes closed and lift your breasts for me again"! Eagerly I comply, more or less expecting Mistress to use something to clean my breasts.

Instead I gasp when Mistress is obviously using a marker again: What? Am I still not through this? Mistress seems to need hours for it. I'm sure it's not writing like the last time, instead She's drawing and coloring. Geeeeee! My breasts must look like a complete mess like this!

Finally Mistress finishes her bodypaint job and announces: "You may open your eyes love, enjoy".

Hesitatingly I do as told and gasp in surprise as Mistress name is still clearly visible, the crosses I made not anymore though. Instead, with the same red marker, they are changed to big red hearts all colored in. Mistress' name in black shines through clearly enough! I look up at Her and see a grin on Her face when She taps Her lap. No words needed this time. Meekly I crawl up into Her lap and place my head on Her shoulder, realising I will not be able to stop myself now.

Indeed, the moment I feel Mistress' arms around me, embracing me in Her safety I can't hold back a second longer and burst out in tears. For what seems like an eternity I stay in the warmth of Her embrace till my tears slowly stop, even if my sobs don't yet. I hear a whisper in my ear: "My love, never give me a reason to write my name in red and hand you that black marker. It would erase my name"! I nod and sob "I... I won't Mistress"!

I realise Mistress's shoulders are shocking and I want to sit up straight to see if I'm right in what I think. Instead Mistress keeps me in a firm embrace and does not give me the chance to look at Her. It's not needed though, I know Mistress had no pleasure in disciplining me like this. That Mistress is no longer able to hold back Her tears will be our little secret and does not have to be proven.

All that is needed is a soft whisper back from me now: "I love You Mistress"! Then I feel myself drifting in the safety of Her arms and know everything is OK again.


That concludes the first of what I might write as a series of stories. Somehow, not hindered by any talent, I feel very creative lately so.... See you next time.


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