Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Looking forward to...

Yes, it's a long time ago that I wrote an entry here. It's not as if I don't like writing anymore. A lot of busy RL and the need to spend less time behind my pc make priorities change sometimes though. Right now I can't not write about what will happen soon though.

So what happened the last 9 months? Simply said: A lot! Too much to tell and yet not a whole lot of special things happening to me:

  • A move
    as in: a new home-location
  • lots of rp in all kind of ways
  • Some building
  • Some changes in appearances
And then there is that very special thing that happened (is still happening) to me. The day I met Mistress was really good for me. She and I have been close since that very first day. At the start of the year, she was not there a lot of the time due to RL things preventing her to be online. We were easily able to survive that period though and when she returned, we quickly picked up where we left and simply continued building.

Now Mistress has more than just me. She is polyamorous and has another sub that is equal to me. Beside of that, she is able to enjoy more people and loves them all equally (even if she is very much able to make me feel special). Thing is... it gives me more freedom too (when she's not there). A freedom I enjoy and which she has no problem with either. So for all of those that think I'm a slut... So what? Mistress and I are not jealous.

So... Mistress and I are special. Then what is it I look forward to?

It's been awhile that I would have been officially collared (December 14 2011... Read here how that ended). Soon, not sure exactly yet how soon, but soon... I will be collared once more. Preparations are in full motion and we already have a location for it.

I keep people informed here and will post a time and location. Everyone, as long as you are woman, is welcome (as it is held in a female only sim). A few people I will send an invitation. Others have a chance to read it here, but... I will not even tell them there's a new entry here. They would not let me know either if they had something special and I really don't have a huge friendlist. Those few on that list are special already and then most are still not special enough to me for a special invitation. On the other hand... The sim is open for the half of everyone so if you want to drop by, Sure... why not?

More to come soon!


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