Friday, August 23, 2013

Collaring day


Finally I will be collared again. Some planning, writing, discussing and most of all.. a lot of fun went ahead of it. Everyone reading this is invited to my collaring at noon SL-time today, Friday august the 23rd, It takes place in the Gardens of Venus a lesbian sim with lots of nice places to hold it. One of those places I'm allowed to build up in a simple way to have the ceremony tonight (well.. tonight for me it is).

I know it's nothing special to most. I know it happens all the time in SL and it happened twice to me so far. Yet, I can still get nervous about it. In hindsight I know I will say: "did I have to be nervous about this? This was fun"! Yet, it is not something I can help.

Mistress owns me almost a full year now. The ceremony is more to work towards the realization of a shared fantasy than that it would be strictly necessary after all this time. But... Who cares in the first place? It's our party and we can cry if we want to :D

On a more serious note... I have not been in a more fulfilling relation here in SL than I am with Mistress so far. We don't see each other every day for 8 hours straight, nor do we work towards that. The time we DO share together is always quality though, whether we go out shopping, dance somewhere, spend time with friends, cuddle or just talk together... One thing it all has in common to me: I never get bored of it.

So tonight I will be officially part of Mistress and Glenn, my beautiful witty and sweet sister, who I will also promise to cherish and love. The ceremony will be posted here so there is always a chance to look back at what we will be doing tonight.

I'm way too nervous still to write a real coherent entry here. I think it will suffice to say that the picture accompanying this entry will be clear when the next entry comes.

This should be enough for one entry and I look forward to see everyone who cares enough about Mistress and I to participate.


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  1. How could I possibly not want to collar such a sweet, loving, and wonderful girl? It was a beautiful and fun day. And I would happily do it over and over and over again.

    Ik hou van je, mijn meisje,