Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Personal Property (1/x)

Another short story that will be a series of maybe 3 - 6 parts. It all depends on how it will develop with poor little me as I have yet no idea what it is the brutes of this story will do to me. I do know the ending but... I have no idea yet what will happen to me in between.
Enjoy :)


Slowly I feel how I wake up. *sigh* I have been sleeping on my arms again because I can't feel them anymore. They're just totally numb! oh wow.. this will hurt when I turn over and the feeling returns in them. I just know it will come back with a vengeance. Lazily, I open my eyes as I prepare myself to turn completely to my back so I can pull my arms  from underneath me. Ohhh, it's still night and pitch black in my bedroom.

Pitchblack? It's never completely dark in my room. And at that same moment I realize that I can't move. I'm blindfolded and tied up. Now THAT explains all for sure. But... how did I get to that? My first thought is of course: "Mistress"? But I know she would never tie me up in such a tight position that my bloodflow would stop. I try anyway by softly calling out for her while a first sign of panic surfaces because I already know that this is not her doing: "Mistress"?

It's quiet where I am and the one tying me up here is obviously not afraid of me making sound, otherwise I would have been gagged too. Desperately I try again. This time my voice breaks halfway: "Misstr..."? No! This does not make any sense. Mistress is not here, yet I'm tied up in a very uncomfortable position, harsher than she would ever do!

Suddenly I hear a voice... a whisper right next to my ear. Because it is whispered I can not make out who it might be. Hell! I can't even make out if it is a man or a woman whispering to me: "You can call for that bitch as much as you want little slave. Get used to not seeing her again. Well, at least not unless she is very wealthy". The words are followed by laughter. Two men, including the one whispering to me before, obviously think it is really funny to have me tied up like this and taunt me.

I feel a rage coming over me. What gives them the right to abduct me and tie me up like this in the first place? Angrily I shout out: "Release me, you idiots. This is not funny! LET ME GO"!

The result is not funny indeed. A swift slap on my right cheek, followed by one on the other, quickly silences me. The voice replies in a sharp tone: "Try something like that again and you will be without food the next 3 days. Slaves are there for our enjoyment and are allowed to speak only when addressed directly! You will learn this quickly, you understand"?

With eyes pricking in the corners of my eyes and still unwillingly I bring out: "Yes". The result is less than desirable and shows how very limited my choice are: Another two slaps, harder than before make my head fly first left then right again and a calm voice tells me: "You can do that better slave. Make sure not to disappoint me again, you understand"?

There is no doubt in my mind what he means and there is only one possible answer right now, so suppressing a sob I manage to bring out: "Y... yes Master".

This time a gentle hand touches my cheek. Almost how you would touch a dog or cat. Simply a light stroke that would make me shiver in delight when it would have been Mistress' hand. This time though, I cringe visibly and try to avoid the touch. I don't want to be controlled by someone else than Mistress. The soft whisper returns next to my ear: "In time, slave, you will long to be touched by anybody! It doesn't matter who it is, how ugly they might be or what sex. You will be conditioned well enough so you can not do anything else but long for their touch. You will not be able to help radiating a sexual energy that will be nearly impossible to ignore for anyone. That, little slave, is your destiny and the faster you will get used to it, the better your conditioning, the faster you will be sold and"... He pauses a few moments to build up the tension to what will come next. After another few seconds he continues: "... and the more pleasant your education will be".


To be continued


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