Friday, September 6, 2013

Personal Property (2/x)

Part 2 of what might be a longer series than anticipated.


Kyla was trained in successive weeks... trained to fulfill simple duties like serving, washing dishes and getting dressed up. She never realised how little she knew about that until she was shown how to move in a certain way that would make her draw eyes on her. She did so without the actual drive that most of the girls in her same situation showed. She obeyed promptly and didn't give too much reason to discipline her. Yet, something seemed to be missing and her trainers were somehow not able to put the finger on the sore spot.

Even what was supposed to be nice training, she simply considered to be rape. She moved exactly how she was supposed to. She moaned and screamed out in passion when she was allowed an orgasm herself instead of the ones raping her. But still... Her trainers did miss their own true pleasure with her. She did everything right and yet she was not as good as the other slaves in training. They would fully let themselves go while Kyla was somehow holding herself back, just as if part of her mind was not there. Punishing her did not change that. She simply did as told, and yet it was obvious she was not truly broken and a full pleasure slave.


Mistress Anna and her girl Glenn had been worried. Their girl and friend was not showing any sign of life for a good while now and nobody had seen a trace from her. In the past weeks they had been to the police and really tried hard to get to know more about her. The police officer helping them told them they would not be able to do much. Of course they would investigate, but he warned them that the most likely cause of their friend not showing up, was that she simply didn't wanted to be found. She was a grown up woman after all.

Without having any starting point to search for her, Anna couldn't do anything but hope for the best. Her thoughts had gone over lots of possibilities, one even more fantastic than the other and there were only two things remaining of those: Kyla was either dead, or in big trouble.

Then one evening she came home and her girl Glenn was waiting for her already, practically pulling her into the living room, whispering only a single word: "Kyla". MSAnna looked at her with a worried expression on her face: "Is... is she"... "No Mistress.. she is not dead! Look what I found in the backyard"!!!

Two pieces of paper were handed her by Glenn and she quickly started reading in what was written in what was a simple, almost childish  style of writing:


I think this will do for one day again. Hopefully You will enjoy it all what is happening to me. Then at least someone enjoys it, as I can tell you that I'm personally start to feel very desperate by now!


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