Monday, September 9, 2013

Personal Property (3/x)

I'm waiting here for hours now and my knees hurt like hell. I know better than to stand up though. That collar they put around my neck. I had no idea how advanced it was and how very powerless it would render me.

It all started this morning. Like usual I was ordered to stand naked, wide open with my hands behind my head while Master Dimi... Damned! Thinking of him in terms as Master now? No way! I can imagine how much easier it is to do so though... Anyway Dimitri came in and as usual he pinched my nipples, making them stiff. I HATE it when he does that. I don't want this but.. my body has a will of her own it seems. Then, after a while, he had to feel me up and laughed at me when I was obviously wet, telling me that this is what my body wanted, only my brain was not yet accepting it... *sigh* I hate my reactions, even if I can't help them!

Then he announced I would be taken by Mistress Emme to an auction where I would be able to see how one of my sisters would be sold today. Shortly after I got dressed up in a short, slutty skirt, and a top that might as well not be there. My nipples are almost showing on all sides, it's that small! To top it all off, he put that dreadful collar around my neck, telling me that he expected me to find out soon what it was used for. Needless to say that I really, really wanted to go out. I already imagined myself to take a run for freedom and to find a police officer who could help me. Silly me!

We arrived at a shop, I was leashed with my hands cuffed behind my back, my breasts jutting out for all to see. At the back my sister Alexandra was tied up naked. The doors to the shop were open but there were guards at the door keeping random bypassers from entering. I can tell you... 4 heavy guys with black suits and sunglasses are really enough to keep people from trying. Mistress Emma... damn.. I'm doing it again! EMMA, not Mistress!!!! Emma didn't have any problem to walk in with me. All the time people were watching Alexandra, but also Emma and I. I'm pretty sure they show the prospect slaves to potential buyers this way.

My leash was taken from me and I was ordered to kneel close to Alexandra. Not in the way of the "auction", so they could let her perform for potential buyers but also not entirely out of view. It was obvious I was there simply to be on display too, just to give those wealthy perverts a look at a new girl.

Of course I knew I would have to try and escape. That chance came just a little later when Alexandra was writhing on her Master's fingers and shamelessly screaming out her passion and lust. All eyes were on her so I scooted back a little on my knees, came up slowly to my feet, looked around to see if someone was watching and dashed for the door! I knew I would be able to get past the guards and would simply have to shout and make a lot of noise so they wouldn't dare to touch me anymore. Well that is... IF I would have made it that far. I had not taken 10 steps, when suddenly my muscles cramped and spasmed when an electrical current coursed from the collar through my skin, rendering me helpless, I fell to the ground and was just lucky I didn't hurt myself too much that moment.

The current didn't stop and all I could do was scream and beg. Oh... and making erratic moves on the ground. That bitch Emme came walking up to me, laughing when she saw me wriggling and screaming on the floor. She waited a few moments, the pain excruciating all the time while I heard her say: "Oh, sorry! Didn't I tell you yet that escaping is not possible? Well then... If you wish the pain to stop, all you have to do is press your lips to my heels". With that she placed her foot next to my head. Without hesitating I placed my lips to her heels and almost immediately the pain stopped from one moment to the other. The gathered crowd cheered for that evil witch and laughed when Alexandra was finally done orgasming and I was done spasming myself.

With tears in my eyes I lifted my head, but my eyes were down to the ground. Maybe I should have seen it coming but I really thought this was it. But... my lips left Emme's heel for only a few seconds and there I was writhing in pain again. I knew what was expected and immediately placed my lips back again. The pain kept up maybe a few seconds more in which I was begging for mercy. Finally the pain stopped abruptly again and the cheers and laughter for Emma and her pathetic girl were enough to make me turn almost purple all over my body. I never knew I could be so ashamed and humiliated.

I have been kneeling since then. I know better than to try and escape again. A sister that was sold a few weeks ago came and sat next to me. She told me she is in contact with my Mistress. I doubt that is true though. She asked if I would like to tell her something. All I could think of is that I wanted Mistress to know I love her. If my sis is doing this for those bastards then they at least know there is something in me that they can never take from me.


The next morning, a small note in a familiar handwriting was posted directly into Mistress Anna's mailbox:

To be continued!


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