Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Personal Property (4/x)

What else could I have done? what choice did I have? I am trained to obey up to perfection and I always do that. This time I had to try and hold on but... what choice did I have in the end?  No... I'm not making sense, let's start over:

After the humiliating experience last time, I have lost the courage to keep fighting them. I know I will be sold somewhere and will lead a miserable life. I have no idea why other girls, brought in later than I, can be so happy now with their fate. Could it be something hidden deep inside them that makes them want to be a slave? But... I am Mi... No, I was Mistress' slave too and I felt happy with that. Then again, she always treated me as a princess, even though she was very much in control.

How nice it was when I saw my sister back, the one that was sold to Emme and Dimitri. I was able to forget about reality for a while, especially when she gave me the ad. The same one I have here:
First, I thought she was playing a prank on me when she told me she was in contact with Mistress, I was actually thinking she might be saying this because she was ordered to by that bitch Emme. The ad didn't say much and seemed simply like something silly and not important at all. "X"? "Soup" and a "Joker"? This had to be a prank! Then I saw how it was signed: AB! This is something nobody knows about except Mistress, Glenn and I! This must come from Mistress! I was so happy! Saw light at the end of a dark, long time of lethargy. I should have been more careful... I should not have told... No, I had absolutely no choice... But... I must not go too fast.

I was too happy and instead of destroying the piece of paper, as I should have, I looked at it during dinner. I swear that bitch Emme has the sight of a hawk. She was standing behind me suddenly, lightly tapping my shoulder and holding her hand out: "Hand it over"! Yeah, as if! I knew she had seen me and knew that denying was useless. Instead, I refused blatantly. This is something I will not do again.

Not even a minute later I was tied up. Spread eagled and totally open. The note was quickly forced from my hands. Then another minute later, Dimitri came walking to me, holding out a cane and showing it to me. He must have seen the fear in my eyes realizing that I knew what would happen to me. He lightly tapped my breasts with the cane, asking just one thing: "Who gave that to you"?

I shook my head in denial. Only seconds later a rain of swishes came down on my body. Hard enough to do something that was not done before: breaking my skin. You have no idea how that feels. It's unreal! You feel something so painful that you know you scream. At the same time you know this can't be truly happening. It is so well beyond what you ever experienced, that you cannot compare it to anything you can imagine. The first moments I was just surprised about the impact this made on my body and I don't even think I screamed. Well, that is till some moments later when I was able to compare the next strike with the previous ones. He didn't even ask me again and simply continued beating me till I passed out.

I lost track of time in a blur of pain and misery. Was it hours? Days? I have no idea really. One time when I woke up, my whole body in a vivid pain, but... at least having a clear mind, Master Dimitri and Mistress Emme came to me. It was obvious that the beating I had taken was not what it should have been. The concerned expression on that bitch's face said enough: I was not worth anymore what I was before.

I was given choice of two bads:
  • Tell them who gave that ad to me;
  • Wait for my sister Glenn to join me here in the facility.
With tears in my eyes, and not even from pain, I told them how I got the ad. Please forgive me sis... I know what I have done but what choice did I have? That bitch even had the nerve to thank me for the information and then handed me the ad back, without doubt to make me realize how helpless I am.


Later that day, Mistress Anna found a note behind the wiper on her windscreen:


Still busy to make this a logical story so... To be continued!


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