Tuesday, September 3, 2013


<Click> ???

Yes, that sounds about right for this entry. The accidental reader who read my previous entry will without doubt know what it means. So here the rest for all you perverts, friends and of course... for me!

Last entry was about how I was about to be collared. By now that is more than a week ago. Due to having a very busy week, I did not find time to write the entry it deserves. An entry that gives my true feelings like I always try to show.

So, that <Click>... Is that...

YES! The sound of my new collar locking around my neck and with Mistress being the keyholder!

But... but... How can you possibly be so open and happy about such a perverted thing?

It's only perverted for those not understanding. I'm not a teacher in BDSM here. Besides... I think all teaching  is needless anyway as there is not a good or wrong way to do it, only a preferred way. A preferred way to the ones involved that may be totally different than what others do.

So here's what we did and what caused a lot of chaos in my head that evening, as everything suddenly went from slow and steady into overdrive.

I built a nice place for our ceremony at a spot Mistress and I picked... outdoors in a cosy environment. I  deliberately placed everything short together to give it an even warmer feeling. I did that together with two sisters that helped me testing and came with input while I was building. Pfftttt... slave labor already and I'm not even collared yet! Then slowly the place filled while I was directed away by my Mistress to be, and had to wait for my sister Glenn to fetch me.

Unbelievable! You built up a nice place and then as soon as your Mistress and the guests arrive, You have to get lost?

Erhm yes? Is that a problem? Just be quiet now and let me continue!

Mistress, holding a red rose welcomed our guests and then told Glenn to bring me in. She did so while I was wearing a leash between my teeth and around my neck. We both had a white rose in our hands.

Wearing a leash like that in publ...?


I was asked by Mistress to kneel and then she asked Glenn and I if we would be good sisters towards each other, which we both promised. 

Mistress and I both gave our vows in which I promised to:
  • Do the things I do for Mistress from my heart rather than that I do them because I was told so;
  • Try to make Mistress' dreams come true in any way I can come up with.
Mistress in return, promised to cherish my submission at all times and to be there for me through good and bad and to always communicate (something she is very good in and that I would like to elaborate on in a following entry)

I happily accepted Mistress' collar and... <CLICK>. Yesssss locked around my neck! A safe feeling and a total turn on. Think about it what you wish but I'm happy with it!

Mistress took our white roses and pricked the index-finger of all three of us with one of the thorns, then dripped a single drop on the roses, to symbolise the offer and dedication everyone has to show in a relationship like this.

Gosh, you make it almost sound like a wedding here. It seems not all that bad perhaps... Well, except the collar snapped around your neck, you sick little pervert!

*Sigh*, you can't help yourself and HAVE to interrupt eh? Well, then... Specially for you then that what you have been waiting for!

Eventually I got my first paddling as Mistress' girl. Like one of the gathered friends so nicely said: "oh boy, the good part". So there I was... tied up by my sister and wriggling when the paddle connected. I still think Mistress held back because she really wanted to dance with me afterwards.

That we did and we had a good time with everyone gathered and I have to be honest. I didn't see much more than Mistress' eyes while we danced till the evening was over.

Well then, happy now?

Erhm... Where can I get in contact with a Mistress like yours?

Pfftt... jealous? You sick little pervert!


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