Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Personal Property (4/x)

What else could I have done? what choice did I have? I am trained to obey up to perfection and I always do that. This time I had to try and hold on but... what choice did I have in the end?  No... I'm not making sense, let's start over:

After the humiliating experience last time, I have lost the courage to keep fighting them. I know I will be sold somewhere and will lead a miserable life. I have no idea why other girls, brought in later than I, can be so happy now with their fate. Could it be something hidden deep inside them that makes them want to be a slave? But... I am Mi... No, I was Mistress' slave too and I felt happy with that. Then again, she always treated me as a princess, even though she was very much in control.

How nice it was when I saw my sister back, the one that was sold to Emme and Dimitri. I was able to forget about reality for a while, especially when she gave me the ad. The same one I have here:
First, I thought she was playing a prank on me when she told me she was in contact with Mistress, I was actually thinking she might be saying this because she was ordered to by that bitch Emme. The ad didn't say much and seemed simply like something silly and not important at all. "X"? "Soup" and a "Joker"? This had to be a prank! Then I saw how it was signed: AB! This is something nobody knows about except Mistress, Glenn and I! This must come from Mistress! I was so happy! Saw light at the end of a dark, long time of lethargy. I should have been more careful... I should not have told... No, I had absolutely no choice... But... I must not go too fast.

I was too happy and instead of destroying the piece of paper, as I should have, I looked at it during dinner. I swear that bitch Emme has the sight of a hawk. She was standing behind me suddenly, lightly tapping my shoulder and holding her hand out: "Hand it over"! Yeah, as if! I knew she had seen me and knew that denying was useless. Instead, I refused blatantly. This is something I will not do again.

Not even a minute later I was tied up. Spread eagled and totally open. The note was quickly forced from my hands. Then another minute later, Dimitri came walking to me, holding out a cane and showing it to me. He must have seen the fear in my eyes realizing that I knew what would happen to me. He lightly tapped my breasts with the cane, asking just one thing: "Who gave that to you"?

I shook my head in denial. Only seconds later a rain of swishes came down on my body. Hard enough to do something that was not done before: breaking my skin. You have no idea how that feels. It's unreal! You feel something so painful that you know you scream. At the same time you know this can't be truly happening. It is so well beyond what you ever experienced, that you cannot compare it to anything you can imagine. The first moments I was just surprised about the impact this made on my body and I don't even think I screamed. Well, that is till some moments later when I was able to compare the next strike with the previous ones. He didn't even ask me again and simply continued beating me till I passed out.

I lost track of time in a blur of pain and misery. Was it hours? Days? I have no idea really. One time when I woke up, my whole body in a vivid pain, but... at least having a clear mind, Master Dimitri and Mistress Emme came to me. It was obvious that the beating I had taken was not what it should have been. The concerned expression on that bitch's face said enough: I was not worth anymore what I was before.

I was given choice of two bads:
  • Tell them who gave that ad to me;
  • Wait for my sister Glenn to join me here in the facility.
With tears in my eyes, and not even from pain, I told them how I got the ad. Please forgive me sis... I know what I have done but what choice did I have? That bitch even had the nerve to thank me for the information and then handed me the ad back, without doubt to make me realize how helpless I am.


Later that day, Mistress Anna found a note behind the wiper on her windscreen:


Still busy to make this a logical story so... To be continued!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Personal Property (3/x)

I'm waiting here for hours now and my knees hurt like hell. I know better than to stand up though. That collar they put around my neck. I had no idea how advanced it was and how very powerless it would render me.

It all started this morning. Like usual I was ordered to stand naked, wide open with my hands behind my head while Master Dimi... Damned! Thinking of him in terms as Master now? No way! I can imagine how much easier it is to do so though... Anyway Dimitri came in and as usual he pinched my nipples, making them stiff. I HATE it when he does that. I don't want this but.. my body has a will of her own it seems. Then, after a while, he had to feel me up and laughed at me when I was obviously wet, telling me that this is what my body wanted, only my brain was not yet accepting it... *sigh* I hate my reactions, even if I can't help them!

Then he announced I would be taken by Mistress Emme to an auction where I would be able to see how one of my sisters would be sold today. Shortly after I got dressed up in a short, slutty skirt, and a top that might as well not be there. My nipples are almost showing on all sides, it's that small! To top it all off, he put that dreadful collar around my neck, telling me that he expected me to find out soon what it was used for. Needless to say that I really, really wanted to go out. I already imagined myself to take a run for freedom and to find a police officer who could help me. Silly me!

We arrived at a shop, I was leashed with my hands cuffed behind my back, my breasts jutting out for all to see. At the back my sister Alexandra was tied up naked. The doors to the shop were open but there were guards at the door keeping random bypassers from entering. I can tell you... 4 heavy guys with black suits and sunglasses are really enough to keep people from trying. Mistress Emma... damn.. I'm doing it again! EMMA, not Mistress!!!! Emma didn't have any problem to walk in with me. All the time people were watching Alexandra, but also Emma and I. I'm pretty sure they show the prospect slaves to potential buyers this way.

My leash was taken from me and I was ordered to kneel close to Alexandra. Not in the way of the "auction", so they could let her perform for potential buyers but also not entirely out of view. It was obvious I was there simply to be on display too, just to give those wealthy perverts a look at a new girl.

Of course I knew I would have to try and escape. That chance came just a little later when Alexandra was writhing on her Master's fingers and shamelessly screaming out her passion and lust. All eyes were on her so I scooted back a little on my knees, came up slowly to my feet, looked around to see if someone was watching and dashed for the door! I knew I would be able to get past the guards and would simply have to shout and make a lot of noise so they wouldn't dare to touch me anymore. Well that is... IF I would have made it that far. I had not taken 10 steps, when suddenly my muscles cramped and spasmed when an electrical current coursed from the collar through my skin, rendering me helpless, I fell to the ground and was just lucky I didn't hurt myself too much that moment.

The current didn't stop and all I could do was scream and beg. Oh... and making erratic moves on the ground. That bitch Emme came walking up to me, laughing when she saw me wriggling and screaming on the floor. She waited a few moments, the pain excruciating all the time while I heard her say: "Oh, sorry! Didn't I tell you yet that escaping is not possible? Well then... If you wish the pain to stop, all you have to do is press your lips to my heels". With that she placed her foot next to my head. Without hesitating I placed my lips to her heels and almost immediately the pain stopped from one moment to the other. The gathered crowd cheered for that evil witch and laughed when Alexandra was finally done orgasming and I was done spasming myself.

With tears in my eyes I lifted my head, but my eyes were down to the ground. Maybe I should have seen it coming but I really thought this was it. But... my lips left Emme's heel for only a few seconds and there I was writhing in pain again. I knew what was expected and immediately placed my lips back again. The pain kept up maybe a few seconds more in which I was begging for mercy. Finally the pain stopped abruptly again and the cheers and laughter for Emma and her pathetic girl were enough to make me turn almost purple all over my body. I never knew I could be so ashamed and humiliated.

I have been kneeling since then. I know better than to try and escape again. A sister that was sold a few weeks ago came and sat next to me. She told me she is in contact with my Mistress. I doubt that is true though. She asked if I would like to tell her something. All I could think of is that I wanted Mistress to know I love her. If my sis is doing this for those bastards then they at least know there is something in me that they can never take from me.


The next morning, a small note in a familiar handwriting was posted directly into Mistress Anna's mailbox:

To be continued!


Friday, September 6, 2013

Personal Property (2/x)

Part 2 of what might be a longer series than anticipated.


Kyla was trained in successive weeks... trained to fulfill simple duties like serving, washing dishes and getting dressed up. She never realised how little she knew about that until she was shown how to move in a certain way that would make her draw eyes on her. She did so without the actual drive that most of the girls in her same situation showed. She obeyed promptly and didn't give too much reason to discipline her. Yet, something seemed to be missing and her trainers were somehow not able to put the finger on the sore spot.

Even what was supposed to be nice training, she simply considered to be rape. She moved exactly how she was supposed to. She moaned and screamed out in passion when she was allowed an orgasm herself instead of the ones raping her. But still... Her trainers did miss their own true pleasure with her. She did everything right and yet she was not as good as the other slaves in training. They would fully let themselves go while Kyla was somehow holding herself back, just as if part of her mind was not there. Punishing her did not change that. She simply did as told, and yet it was obvious she was not truly broken and a full pleasure slave.


Mistress Anna and her girl Glenn had been worried. Their girl and friend was not showing any sign of life for a good while now and nobody had seen a trace from her. In the past weeks they had been to the police and really tried hard to get to know more about her. The police officer helping them told them they would not be able to do much. Of course they would investigate, but he warned them that the most likely cause of their friend not showing up, was that she simply didn't wanted to be found. She was a grown up woman after all.

Without having any starting point to search for her, Anna couldn't do anything but hope for the best. Her thoughts had gone over lots of possibilities, one even more fantastic than the other and there were only two things remaining of those: Kyla was either dead, or in big trouble.

Then one evening she came home and her girl Glenn was waiting for her already, practically pulling her into the living room, whispering only a single word: "Kyla". MSAnna looked at her with a worried expression on her face: "Is... is she"... "No Mistress.. she is not dead! Look what I found in the backyard"!!!

Two pieces of paper were handed her by Glenn and she quickly started reading in what was written in what was a simple, almost childish  style of writing:


I think this will do for one day again. Hopefully You will enjoy it all what is happening to me. Then at least someone enjoys it, as I can tell you that I'm personally start to feel very desperate by now!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Personal Property (1/x)

Another short story that will be a series of maybe 3 - 6 parts. It all depends on how it will develop with poor little me as I have yet no idea what it is the brutes of this story will do to me. I do know the ending but... I have no idea yet what will happen to me in between.
Enjoy :)


Slowly I feel how I wake up. *sigh* I have been sleeping on my arms again because I can't feel them anymore. They're just totally numb! oh wow.. this will hurt when I turn over and the feeling returns in them. I just know it will come back with a vengeance. Lazily, I open my eyes as I prepare myself to turn completely to my back so I can pull my arms  from underneath me. Ohhh, it's still night and pitch black in my bedroom.

Pitchblack? It's never completely dark in my room. And at that same moment I realize that I can't move. I'm blindfolded and tied up. Now THAT explains all for sure. But... how did I get to that? My first thought is of course: "Mistress"? But I know she would never tie me up in such a tight position that my bloodflow would stop. I try anyway by softly calling out for her while a first sign of panic surfaces because I already know that this is not her doing: "Mistress"?

It's quiet where I am and the one tying me up here is obviously not afraid of me making sound, otherwise I would have been gagged too. Desperately I try again. This time my voice breaks halfway: "Misstr..."? No! This does not make any sense. Mistress is not here, yet I'm tied up in a very uncomfortable position, harsher than she would ever do!

Suddenly I hear a voice... a whisper right next to my ear. Because it is whispered I can not make out who it might be. Hell! I can't even make out if it is a man or a woman whispering to me: "You can call for that bitch as much as you want little slave. Get used to not seeing her again. Well, at least not unless she is very wealthy". The words are followed by laughter. Two men, including the one whispering to me before, obviously think it is really funny to have me tied up like this and taunt me.

I feel a rage coming over me. What gives them the right to abduct me and tie me up like this in the first place? Angrily I shout out: "Release me, you idiots. This is not funny! LET ME GO"!

The result is not funny indeed. A swift slap on my right cheek, followed by one on the other, quickly silences me. The voice replies in a sharp tone: "Try something like that again and you will be without food the next 3 days. Slaves are there for our enjoyment and are allowed to speak only when addressed directly! You will learn this quickly, you understand"?

With eyes pricking in the corners of my eyes and still unwillingly I bring out: "Yes". The result is less than desirable and shows how very limited my choice are: Another two slaps, harder than before make my head fly first left then right again and a calm voice tells me: "You can do that better slave. Make sure not to disappoint me again, you understand"?

There is no doubt in my mind what he means and there is only one possible answer right now, so suppressing a sob I manage to bring out: "Y... yes Master".

This time a gentle hand touches my cheek. Almost how you would touch a dog or cat. Simply a light stroke that would make me shiver in delight when it would have been Mistress' hand. This time though, I cringe visibly and try to avoid the touch. I don't want to be controlled by someone else than Mistress. The soft whisper returns next to my ear: "In time, slave, you will long to be touched by anybody! It doesn't matter who it is, how ugly they might be or what sex. You will be conditioned well enough so you can not do anything else but long for their touch. You will not be able to help radiating a sexual energy that will be nearly impossible to ignore for anyone. That, little slave, is your destiny and the faster you will get used to it, the better your conditioning, the faster you will be sold and"... He pauses a few moments to build up the tension to what will come next. After another few seconds he continues: "... and the more pleasant your education will be".


To be continued


Tuesday, September 3, 2013


<Click> ???

Yes, that sounds about right for this entry. The accidental reader who read my previous entry will without doubt know what it means. So here the rest for all you perverts, friends and of course... for me!

Last entry was about how I was about to be collared. By now that is more than a week ago. Due to having a very busy week, I did not find time to write the entry it deserves. An entry that gives my true feelings like I always try to show.

So, that <Click>... Is that...

YES! The sound of my new collar locking around my neck and with Mistress being the keyholder!

But... but... How can you possibly be so open and happy about such a perverted thing?

It's only perverted for those not understanding. I'm not a teacher in BDSM here. Besides... I think all teaching  is needless anyway as there is not a good or wrong way to do it, only a preferred way. A preferred way to the ones involved that may be totally different than what others do.

So here's what we did and what caused a lot of chaos in my head that evening, as everything suddenly went from slow and steady into overdrive.

I built a nice place for our ceremony at a spot Mistress and I picked... outdoors in a cosy environment. I  deliberately placed everything short together to give it an even warmer feeling. I did that together with two sisters that helped me testing and came with input while I was building. Pfftttt... slave labor already and I'm not even collared yet! Then slowly the place filled while I was directed away by my Mistress to be, and had to wait for my sister Glenn to fetch me.

Unbelievable! You built up a nice place and then as soon as your Mistress and the guests arrive, You have to get lost?

Erhm yes? Is that a problem? Just be quiet now and let me continue!

Mistress, holding a red rose welcomed our guests and then told Glenn to bring me in. She did so while I was wearing a leash between my teeth and around my neck. We both had a white rose in our hands.

Wearing a leash like that in publ...?


I was asked by Mistress to kneel and then she asked Glenn and I if we would be good sisters towards each other, which we both promised. 

Mistress and I both gave our vows in which I promised to:
  • Do the things I do for Mistress from my heart rather than that I do them because I was told so;
  • Try to make Mistress' dreams come true in any way I can come up with.
Mistress in return, promised to cherish my submission at all times and to be there for me through good and bad and to always communicate (something she is very good in and that I would like to elaborate on in a following entry)

I happily accepted Mistress' collar and... <CLICK>. Yesssss locked around my neck! A safe feeling and a total turn on. Think about it what you wish but I'm happy with it!

Mistress took our white roses and pricked the index-finger of all three of us with one of the thorns, then dripped a single drop on the roses, to symbolise the offer and dedication everyone has to show in a relationship like this.

Gosh, you make it almost sound like a wedding here. It seems not all that bad perhaps... Well, except the collar snapped around your neck, you sick little pervert!

*Sigh*, you can't help yourself and HAVE to interrupt eh? Well, then... Specially for you then that what you have been waiting for!

Eventually I got my first paddling as Mistress' girl. Like one of the gathered friends so nicely said: "oh boy, the good part". So there I was... tied up by my sister and wriggling when the paddle connected. I still think Mistress held back because she really wanted to dance with me afterwards.

That we did and we had a good time with everyone gathered and I have to be honest. I didn't see much more than Mistress' eyes while we danced till the evening was over.

Well then, happy now?

Erhm... Where can I get in contact with a Mistress like yours?

Pfftt... jealous? You sick little pervert!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Collaring day


Finally I will be collared again. Some planning, writing, discussing and most of all.. a lot of fun went ahead of it. Everyone reading this is invited to my collaring at noon SL-time today, Friday august the 23rd, It takes place in the Gardens of Venus a lesbian sim with lots of nice places to hold it. One of those places I'm allowed to build up in a simple way to have the ceremony tonight (well.. tonight for me it is).

I know it's nothing special to most. I know it happens all the time in SL and it happened twice to me so far. Yet, I can still get nervous about it. In hindsight I know I will say: "did I have to be nervous about this? This was fun"! Yet, it is not something I can help.

Mistress owns me almost a full year now. The ceremony is more to work towards the realization of a shared fantasy than that it would be strictly necessary after all this time. But... Who cares in the first place? It's our party and we can cry if we want to :D

On a more serious note... I have not been in a more fulfilling relation here in SL than I am with Mistress so far. We don't see each other every day for 8 hours straight, nor do we work towards that. The time we DO share together is always quality though, whether we go out shopping, dance somewhere, spend time with friends, cuddle or just talk together... One thing it all has in common to me: I never get bored of it.

So tonight I will be officially part of Mistress and Glenn, my beautiful witty and sweet sister, who I will also promise to cherish and love. The ceremony will be posted here so there is always a chance to look back at what we will be doing tonight.

I'm way too nervous still to write a real coherent entry here. I think it will suffice to say that the picture accompanying this entry will be clear when the next entry comes.

This should be enough for one entry and I look forward to see everyone who cares enough about Mistress and I to participate.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Looking forward to...

Yes, it's a long time ago that I wrote an entry here. It's not as if I don't like writing anymore. A lot of busy RL and the need to spend less time behind my pc make priorities change sometimes though. Right now I can't not write about what will happen soon though.

So what happened the last 9 months? Simply said: A lot! Too much to tell and yet not a whole lot of special things happening to me:

  • A move
    as in: a new home-location
  • lots of rp in all kind of ways
  • Some building
  • Some changes in appearances
And then there is that very special thing that happened (is still happening) to me. The day I met Mistress was really good for me. She and I have been close since that very first day. At the start of the year, she was not there a lot of the time due to RL things preventing her to be online. We were easily able to survive that period though and when she returned, we quickly picked up where we left and simply continued building.

Now Mistress has more than just me. She is polyamorous and has another sub that is equal to me. Beside of that, she is able to enjoy more people and loves them all equally (even if she is very much able to make me feel special). Thing is... it gives me more freedom too (when she's not there). A freedom I enjoy and which she has no problem with either. So for all of those that think I'm a slut... So what? Mistress and I are not jealous.

So... Mistress and I are special. Then what is it I look forward to?

It's been awhile that I would have been officially collared (December 14 2011... Read here how that ended). Soon, not sure exactly yet how soon, but soon... I will be collared once more. Preparations are in full motion and we already have a location for it.

I keep people informed here and will post a time and location. Everyone, as long as you are woman, is welcome (as it is held in a female only sim). A few people I will send an invitation. Others have a chance to read it here, but... I will not even tell them there's a new entry here. They would not let me know either if they had something special and I really don't have a huge friendlist. Those few on that list are special already and then most are still not special enough to me for a special invitation. On the other hand... The sim is open for the half of everyone so if you want to drop by, Sure... why not?

More to come soon!